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Sometimes in a movie theatre I want to go out and smoke. Not only is it now illegal everywhere, it would be pretty inconvenient to get up and go out for a couple of minutes. With NicoFix I can rub my hands and the desire to go out for smoke is passed.
Brett……Pasadena California
I fly all the time. Mostly long distance. Getting off the plane and heading straight to the smoking section if there is one, is something I would rather avoid if I could. Nicofix lets me sort it out before I even get off the plane.
John….Austin Texas
I found with Nicofix I smoked less and felt the need to smoke less. Theresa…Surbiton England
When I started with NicoFix, I was pretty doubtful it would work but four hours later when I still hadn't had a cigarette, I was pretty impressed.
Maria… London England
I must say it made me very happy to find that the NicoFix worked and that my use of cigarettes decreased.
Nicolas…Coventry England
It was just so convenient to use, both in the office and when I was traveling.
Joni…New York NY.
I go out quite a bit. With the new laws banning smoking in the bars it was just so much easier to discretely rub my palms together.
Chris…New York NY
Smoking seriously harms you and others around you
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