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Should I use NicoFix and Smoke ?
It isn’t recommended as both are tobacco products, but it is up to you.
Where should I apply NicoFix ?
Apply NicoFix to the palms of you hands. Rub your hands together.
Where can I buy NicoFix ?
See our online shops or distribution list or call our helpline:
For UK Call: 0800 838 670 and for US Call: 1 800 8479362
How do you use NicoFix ?
Pump two to four pumps of the clear water soluble gel in your hand.
Can I apply it to my sensitive skin ?
If your skin is sensitive, try rubbing the product on only a small part of your skin. If irritation occurs, cease using the product.
Can I apply NicoFix too often or use too much ?
Just as if you spoke too many cigarettes you will feel the same effects. Use NicoFix no more often than you would smoke a cigarette.
Should I use NicoFix if I have a medical condition ?
We recommend that you avoid smoking when you suffer from a medical condition. Likewise we recommend you avoid NicoFix if you suffer from an illness that is affected by smoking.
Should I use NicoFix if I am pregnant or nursing ?
We strongly recommend that you do not use NicoFix if you are pregnant or nursing.
How long will NicoFix stay in my system ?
Nicofix will stay in your systems as long as nicotine from a cigarette stays in your system.
Will NicoFix affect my alcohol intake ?
Please contact us if we haven't answered your questions above.
Smoking seriously harms you and others around you
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